Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jewelry Coupons

From time to time we issue valuable jewelry coupons. In addition to posting them on partner sites on the web, they are always accessible to our customers via a link on our home page, and a link within the shopping cart. We never want our customers to miss out on a discount. There's nothing more frustrating than buying something and finding out later that you missed an opportunity to get the best deal. Afterall, a 10% discount on diamond jewelry can amount to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Here's a link to the current jewelry coupons. The pearl coupon expires today, but the diamond studs coupon is good for a few more days. There are nice diamond studs starting at $202 (before discount) in yellow gold or white gold. And shipping is always free.

Just type the coupon code into the appropriate box at checkout and the discount will be automatically calculated. Check back from time to time to see the current deals. We issue new jewelry coupons regularly, but they usually expire within two weeks of issue.

We also issue an unadvertised coupon every month for our most loyal audience- the subscribers to our newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter through a link on the
upper right hand side of any page on the Gem Diamond Company site.

Note: we'll honor the diamond studs coupon on a pair of certified loose diamonds selected from our diamond department as well. However, you will have to call in to place the order as the coupon will not work in the shopping cart on loose diamonds. 1-888-974-4367

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ideal Cut Diamonds

The care and craftsmanship of a diamond's cut determines to a large extent the fire and brilliance of the finished gem. It can be argued that cut is the most important of the 4C's. A diamond can be perfect in every other way, but if it is not well cut, it will not sparkle and dazzle.

Diamonds that are cut within a range of parameters believed to result in the best performance are referred to as "ideal cut diamonds". Through the years there has been great debate over exactly what those parameters are, but recent scientific advances in the complex study of light behavior have begun to bring the debate into focus.

Many different brand names and buzz words have emerged as a host of companies offer up competing versions of the ideal cut, along with an array of special viewers, analyzers, gizmos and gimmicks.

Within a few months the Gemological Institute of America will be stepping into the fray, having recently completed the most thorough scientific study of diamond cut ever undertaken. In January 2006 the GIA will begin assigning an overall cut grade in their reports of round brilliant diamonds. Their top grade will be "excellent" which for most people will be synonymous with "Ideal".

You can learn more about diamond cut in our education department at , and search our large online inventory of certified diamonds cut within a range of specifications widely accepted as ideal cut diamonds.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

D Flawless Diamond - aka "Gem Diamond"

Did you know that in the diamond trade a perfect diamond is known as a "gem diamond"?

Diamonds that are completely colorless and have no inclusions under 10x magnification are designated by the GIA grade D IF. While gem dealers as a whole use the term "gem" to refer to a variety of precious stones, diamond dealers use the word specifically in reference to (and reverence of) diamonds of the ultimate quality.

The Gem Diamond Company name is derived from both variations of the term's usage. We deal in a variety of precious gemstones and diamonds, and our emphasis is always on high quality. In fact we do have a rather nice inventory of gem diamonds: D Flawless Diamonds

And after you recover from sticker shock you are welcome return to the real world! Check our recommend diamonds to see good values in different parts of the upper diamond quality spectrum.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cushion Cut Diamond Wedding Set in Platinum

In addition to sharing ideas and information, the blog offers an opportunity to give our readers a glimpse of new products going online, or special custom design work as we create it.

Today's entry is a fabulous wedding set made in platinum with a superb Cushion cut diamond center, 1.02ct G VS1 (GIA). The old world flavor of the antique cushion shape, combined with low profile bezel setting, diamond pave, and hand engraved millgrain edges results in a design that is timeless and classic.

To see a selection of cushion cut diamonds use our certified diamonds search tool. If you are interested in having your own masterpiece made, learn about the process in our custom jewelry design department. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Diamond Buying Advice

Getting engaged is stressful enough- buying the rock shouldn't have to be!

If you stay grounded in what is really important you can avoid becoming lost in a dizzying array of gemological minutae. Keeping it real will help you avoid feelings of frustration and insecurity and instead make it what it should be - an wonderful treasure hunt!

Before you start your quest for that diamond engagement ring, have a look at the practical advice in our diamond education department. We discuss the "4 C's" in real world terms and then distill the important factors into some basic advice that will make the whole process more comfortable and less daunting, whether you buy online or go to the jewelry store.

If you already know what you want, take a look at our certified diamond inventory via our diamond search page, or see our recommended diamonds in several distinct categories. While you are there don't miss the Buyer's Choice selections of particularly good values.

Monday, November 07, 2005

How to Buy a Diamond on the Internet

Thinking about buying a certified diamond on the internet?

We have recently posted a helpful article on this subject to our website. It's cleverly titled, "how to buy a diamond on the internet" ;-) This is the first in a short series of articles that covers the compelling reasons to consider buying your diamond online, and the important considerations to insure you have a satisfying experience.

If you are in the market for a diamond or piece of fine jewelry, or think you may be at some point, you should read this short article.

If you are already comfortable shopping online you are invited to search our inventory of certified diamonds. If you don't know quite what to search for, try our specific recommendations of loose diamonds in different general categories.

Feel free to post your comments or any questions you might have.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Introducing the Gem Diamond blog!

It's a pleasure to present the initial entry of the Diamond Diaries web log.

Gem Diamond Company is a top-tier provider of certified diamonds, fine gemstone jewelry and pearls.

We hope you will enjoy reading the observations contained in these posts. Our intent is to impart to our readers our perspective on a business that at times seems mysterious, perplexing and potentially perilous for the consumer. By providing information and insight we will try to do our part to create a more knowlegeable and comfortable consumer.

We welcome your participation in any discussion that sparks your interest.