Monday, September 26, 2011

What You Need to Know About Loose Diamonds


Whether you are buying your first diamond or your fifth, whether you are planning to treasure the stone in its loose form or have it set into custom jewelry, and whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, you can always learn more about loose diamonds. For such small pieces of rock, diamonds seem to generate endless discussion and analysis. Just visiting a diamond talk forum can show you enough to make your head spin. Luckily, you can buy a fabulous loose diamond even if you only know the absolute essentials about diamonds and their qualities. But if you are interested in learning a little more about the fascinating diamond, that will only enhance your choice of the perfect loose diamond

The Four C’s is the absolute minimum anyone needs to know before purchasing a cut loose diamond or any form of diamond jewelry. As most people know, the Four C’s refer to carat, cut, clarity and color. Generally speaking, most experts recommend focusing most on cut, followed by clarity and color, and then looking for the largest carat weight available that suits your specifications and budget. Many first-time diamond buyers do not realize that Novice diamond buyers often focus exclusively on carat weight, but those with a more nuanced understanding of diamond quality know that it is primarily cut that determines a diamond’s light performance and overall impression. And although Ideal cut diamonds perform quite well in many applications, especially in jewelry such as bracelets and earrings where many small diamonds are used together, when it comes to ideal rings, especially engagement rings, nothing can beat the Super Ideal diamond.

Super Ideal diamonds are cut to exacting specifications and often exhibit a trait known as “hearts and arrows” in which the precision of the facets reveal a pattern that resembles hearts when diamond is held one way and arrows when it held the other.Cut is often mistakenly assumed to refer to the shape of the diamond. Shape is in fact a separate, but also important, factor to consider when buying a loose diamond. While over 50% of engagement rings are set with the world’s most popular diamond shape, the round brilliant cut, alternatives are quickly gaining in popularity. The princess-cut brilliant, a square shape with nearly the same brilliance as the round, is now the second most-popular choice, with more exotic shapes like emerald, cushion-cut and marquise available for those looking for an out-of-the-box choice.


Moving beyond the basic criteria, more experienced diamond buyers would do well to learn about factors like fluorescence and certification. Many diamonds show blue fluorescence under UV light. Although this does not directly affect their quality or value, fluorescence can have a few indirect effects on a diamond. In a diamond with a J-M color grade, a small amount of fluorescence can actually counteract the slight coloration of the diamond and make it appear more colorless. In a diamond with a very high color rating, such as D, E, or F, fluorescence is said to make the stone look more murky and less clear.

Certification is another important factor to consider when buying a loose diamond. In fact, many industry experts have come to calling certification “the Fifth C” for its often-overlooked role in determining the true value of a stone. Most people buying diamonds know that a loose diamond must come with a certification from a reliable lab indicating its quality in order for the customer to be sure that he is getting what he paid for. But not everyone realizes that not all labs were created equal. Some labs specialize in grading the highest cut qualities, while others excel in providing computerized 3-D imaging of each stone. The GIA is one of the biggest and best-known labs, and a GIA certificate is certainly a reliable indicator of a diamond’s quality. But for a more developed analysis of stones with the highest cut ratings, the AGS is known for its boutique certifications in that area.

Buying a loose diamond is an important decision and should be weighed carefully, but first-time buyers should not be scared off. With a little research, it is possible to buy a perfect loose diamond that you and your loved ones will treasure for years to come.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Steps to a Perfect Proposal









Take a look at this picture. Now back at me. Now back at the photo. No, this is not an Old Spice commercial, but if you want to plan a proposal that is so perfect, so romantic, and so in tune with what a girl really wants that she might think you got a little help from the Old Spice guy, take some time to study this photo. Believe it or not, this simple photo contains within it all five of the essential secrets to the perfect proposal. From time to place to perfect diamond engagement rings, it’s all here.


1. Note the time of day. It’s sunset. There is a reason every fairy tale ends with the hero riding off into the sunset. Sunset is the most romantic time of the day. Plus, the dim light of twilight looks flattering and gorgeous on everyone, and if you’ve purchased a top-quality ideal cut diamond, or better yet, a

hearts and arrows diamond

, the low light will bring out its superb sparkle.


2. Do you see those hands forming the shape of a heart in the center of the photo? Adding a handmade, earnest and heartfelt component to your proposal is what will make it unique, special, and straight from the heart. You can write her a love note or paint a portrait of the two of you. Just do something with your own hands to show her how you feel.


3. Where are we? We’re on a beach. Why are we on a beach? Because there is something irresistibly romantic about the shore. The relaxing sound of the surf on the sand, the feel of sun on your face—the beach makes everyone a little calmer and happier, and what better place is there to propose? Just make sure she doesn’t drop the

engagement ring 

into the sand in surprise!


4. If you look really, really carefully at this photo, you’ll notice what it doesn’t have: people. Romantic comedies might set proposal scenes in places like baseball stadiums and crowded restaurants, but in real life, the best place to propose is in private. Don’t you want the first few moments of your engaged life to be celebrated with just the two of you?


5. Look at the sun. What do you see? It’s a diamond. But not just any diamond. It’s a round

A CUT ABOVE® diamond 

by Whiteflash. Whether you choose round or princess-cut diamonds, the perfect stone in the perfect setting is the most essential element of any proposal. Don’t just buy the first ring you see—take some time to research her likes and dislikes, and shop around to make sure you are getting a top-notch diamond in a quality setting that she will treasure for years to come.




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My Whiteflash Diamond Engagement Ring = Priceless!


Dear the Whiteflash Sales Team,


Fantastic experience. Very helpful with any question I had with a quick respond back right away. They help you get the very best engagement ring for the money you want to spend. When I received the Rounded Open Cathedral Engagement Ring is was more beautiful than I would have thought and my girlfriend was floored.

Thank you,

Jamie S


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

High End Diamond Earrings with High End Service!


Dear Whiteflash Diamonds,

I was not a first time buyer and I had done my homework - at the local diamond district and online, but it was your reviews on your website and

iVouch that made me take a look at WF as opposed to other online diamond retailers. Frankly, I'd never seen such positive reviews for any business and I was up against the clock: our 10th wedding anniversary in two weeks! I needed serious help.

My first email got an immediate reply and a quick phone call confirmed WF could get me 3 cts diamond stud earrings, platinum settings, ideal cut, express shipped to me within 48 hours....which they did. But my customer experience went far beyond that...with knowledgeable customer service reps able to answer my several questions about the diamond pair and providing objective, candid advice at decision points and with setting options.

The WF Hearts and Arrows ideal cut diamond earrings are simply gorgeous, and appear to glow in the dark! They were beautifully presented in a cherry wood box, complete with all requisite documentation, and included were a leather jewelry travel pouch and WF Toolkit (viewer, cloth and tweezers). And as if that wasn't enough, WF were thoughtful enough to send us a separate gift to mark our 10th wedding anniversary.

Bottom Line: gorgeous quality diamonds, priced right and EXCEPTIONAL customer service - WF is the total package.

Thank you,

Stephen K.


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Monday, September 12, 2011

Best Information and Quality You Can Find For Engagement Rings


My Whiteflash Engagement Ring Buying Experience:

engagement ring for a long time for my soon to be fiancée, and found that Whiteflash had the most information I could find from any online vendor - which made me feel much more comfortable making such a large purchase online. After I had purchased my ring, I received multiple calls from Whiteflash to arrange the necessary paperwork, and they had actually moved the shipment date earlier to adjust for my schedule. A couple of days before the ring was sent, they sent me beautiful pictures of my ring after it was built, to which I showed some coworkers and wowed them. When the tiffany style engagement ring arrived, they called to ensure I got the ring, and that I was happy with my purchase.

The Solitaire Diamond Ring itself is beautiful and based on the specs, would have a hard time trying to find a local vendor who could provide a similar ring at these prices. Not to mention I bought the ring when exchange rates were in my favor. You simply cannot get the value and quality from a local store in my opinion.

The customer service was exceptional, and was more than willing to work around my schedule.

I would recommend Whiteflash to anyone looking for an engagement ring or anything with hearts and arrows diamonds.

I've been researching and trying to find an


Thank you,

John B.


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Flying High with Whiteflash Diamonds


Dear The Whiteflash Diamond Team,


Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring and Diamond Wedding Band  today. It's beautiful! Thank you very much for the astonishing job you did and special thanks for meeting the time constraints! I will be flying back early in the morning tomorrow having the result of your superb work in my cabin luggage!

I received the

Thank you,

Alexey M. 


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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Kate Moss Celebrity Wedding — All the Juicy Details!



If there is one rule of fashion that never changes, it is this: if it is on the cover of the September issue of Vogue, it is big. This year, instead of yet another creative photo shoot with a fresh-faced starlet, a closet of designer clothing and a slew of props, Vogue decided to put model Kate Moss and her recent wedding on the September cover. And that’s because everything about Moss’ weekend-long wedding extravaganza and incredible wedding look represents the personal style, taste, and elegance that high fashion is all about.


The 37-year-old model has been charming designers, photographers, fashion editors and her adoring fans for decades, but it was not until she met 42-year-old rocker Jamie Hince that she finally felt ready to settle down. And when she did decide to get married, it had to be in the most fashionable way imaginable, with the help of Sam Gainsbury, a friend of the bride and a fashion show designer (as well as one of the designers of the recent Met exhibit on Alexander Mcqueen.) Inspired by traditional Gypsy weddings, Great Gatsby-esque 1920’s opulence, as well as the dreamy surroundings of the British countryside, and rock-and-roll, the wedding was an intimate affair that has managed to spark the imagination of fashion insiders around the world.


But of course, every wedding comes down to a few all-important details. For Moss, one of those was her wedding dress. She employed controversial fashion designer John Galliano to create a one-of-a-kind piece for her. The resulting dress, based on a relatively simple bias-cut design, is embellished with lace, gold paillettes, gold leaf embroidery and just enough sheerness to give it the edginess Moss is known for. She wore her trademark tousled blond hair down around her shoulders and covered it with an embroidered tulle veil that cinched on one side with a small flower, finishing the look with custom Manolo Blahnik sandals with a bridal-ready blue insole. Kate’s country-princess look was completed when she was surrounded by her 19 flower girls and bridesmaids, all in diaphanous white silk dresses, white ballet flats, and wreaths of country roses. But of course, no fashion darling wedding would be complete with only one wedding dress, so Moss followed up her wedding ceremony look with three outfits by Stella McCartney—a gray silk chiffon dress for dancing, a gold backless mini-dress for the rock-and-roll after party, and a simple wool suit to head off to the honeymoon in style.


The wedding reception was legendary. With the world-famous bartenders from the Bar Hemingway serving a Kate-themed cocktail, Bryan Ferry and several world-class DJ’s ruling the dance floor, a seasonal menu designed by Daniel de la Falaise, and a six-tiered cakes by Peggy Porschen, the party continued until sunrise.




But of course, as fans of Kate Moss already know, this obsession with the fabulous life of the 1920’s did not begin with wedding planning. Moss has long said that she is inspired by that glamorous era, and by Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald in particular. In fact, when Hince planned his proposal to Moss, he tried to find Zelda Fitzgerald’s actual engagement ring, but eventually settled for having a ring custom-designed to look like the lost original. Moss’ vintage-style engagement ring, with a large oval diamond set in a double-shank band, coordinates perfectly with her bohemian-meets-glam style. Even if many elements of Kate’s extraordinary wedding, like the who’s-who guest list and fleet of vintage Rolls Royces, are out of reach for the average bride, this dedication to a theme and to your personal style is something every bride can learn from Kate. And of course, having a ring custom-designed to reflect your bride-to-be’s passions is not a bad lesson for any would-be grooms to learn!

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