Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gemprint - Digital "Fingerprint" for Diamonds

Gemprint is the cutting edge technology for establishing the identity of a loose diamond or a diamond mounted in a piece of jewelry. The system records a digital image of the unique reflection pattern of the diamond.

A low energy laser beam (like the one at the grocery store) is directed into the diamond. The laser light is scattered as it reflects back out of the diamond and onto a screen inside the instrument. A digital photo is then captured of the pattern on the screen and recorded.

At any time the diamond can be put back on the machine and the pattern compared with the original capture. The analytical software in the system can determine within a very high degree of certainty if it is a match for the original stone.

This is useful in the event a customer is concerned about the diamond being switched. It also can aid in conclusive identification of diamonds that have been stolen and later recovered. Gemprint has been used in court cases as proof of ownership and some insurance companies give discounts for coverage of diamonds registered with Gemprint.

At Gem Diamond Company we use the system as a value added proposition for our customers. Each certified diamond that we ship comes with free gemprint registration.

It is also an integral part of our internal inventory control as diamonds make their way through the manufacturing, appraising and fulfillment steps. It serves as the final check in our quality assurance process. The gemprint of each certified diamond is verified before shipping and upon arrival in case of a return. This system helps provide maximum protection for both our customers and ourselves.