Friday, April 21, 2006

Princess Cut Diamond in Platinum - Vintage Motif

This exquisite custom jewelry design project that we just completed features a 4.06 ct certified princess cut diamond set in platinum with 1.85ct tw diamond micro pave top, bottom and sides.

This ring was designed around the feature stone with CAD/CAM resulting in perfect symmetry and most efficient use of metal. This is particularly important with a platinum ring of this size to prevent it from being uncomfortably heavy and/or top heavy. And in these days of rising gold/platinum prices, the cost savings is significant too.

This is a excellent example of the vintage styling that has become so poplular today in fine diamond jewelry. Cushion cuts and oval diamonds are also making a triumphant return to popularity because they lend themselves so nicely to antique motifs.

We welcome custom jewelry design projects of all kinds from simple fabrication to the extremely complex. We work in all metals and gem materials and utilize modern jewelry technologies and highly skilled craftsmen. Because of the efficiencies that we bring to each project you might be pleasantly surprised at the prices.

*As seen in the side view of the finished ring a butterfly insert was added to this piece for a snug fit.