Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jewel Jet Jewelry Steam Cleaner

The best single piece of equipment for cleaning your jewelry at home is the Jewel Jet steam cleaning machine. It's the first and only device of its kind that is made specifically for home use. It is the same basic system as the industrial versions used in jewelry manufacturing shops all over the world, but is scaled down in terms of capacity and portability.

It is very simple to use, requiring only to be filled with water and plugged in. In about 3 minutes the water is heated and the unit ready to use. Simply press the steam release button to deliver powerful cleansing bursts of steam.

For best results it is important that your jewelry should be pre-soaked in a cleaning solution to soften up hardened film and dirt. The Jewel Jet comes with a container and brush for that purpose. The container has fill marks for the appropriate ratio of water to household ammonia which is safe and effective for most fine jewelry. Organic materials such as pearls, amber and coral should not be soaked in ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Plain warm water or mild soap based cleaning solutions can be used safely on these materials.

Once the jewelry has been soaked you are ready to hit the item with repeated bursts of steam from all directions in order to thoroughly remove all the film and dirt that naturally builds up over time. Special attention should be given to the underside of jewelry and hard to reach places where dirt and film can be trapped and accumulate even after conventional cleaning methods. The end result is jewelry that looks like the day it was taken out of the box!

Here's a live video demonstration of the Jewel Jet in operation.

The Jewel Jet is on sale now at for the discounted price of only $99 including shipping!
For ultimate home jewelry cleaning we recommend pairing the Jewel Jet with an ultrasonic or vibrasonic cleaner such as the Blitz Jewelry Cleaning Machine to use for pre-soaking your jewelry. The sonic vibrations accellerate and enhance the effects of the soaking and make it very easy for the Jewel Jet to remove 100% of the accumulated dirt and film.