Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bellerina Diamond Pendant Stuns Customers

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


Yeah! :) got it, arrived Saturday, the diamond is, like I anticipated, a real stunner and the wife loves it so much she just wore it all day long in front of the mirror, lights on, lights off, curtains up, curtains down... well, you know, so to see it in all sorts of different light conditions... :) in fact, its practically all she talks about since it arrived...well, its almost all I talk about too.. :)


The pendant is brilliant too…really glad we finally chose the Bellerina Diamond Pendant…totally compliments the rock and brings out all its qualities.. and honestly, I've seen a lot of arrows but this is the first time I see hearts...the design is just brilliant in letting lights in from both in front and behind, truly a work of pure genius.. :)


Both of us are really really happy with the purchase, not just the rock and pendant, the great service, the excellent workmanship, the super fast delivery, the really really nice package.. so nice, in fact, that the wife decided to keep all her favorite jewelries in the WF box, and that's despite the fact that I bought her a little private safe just for that purpose..


And lastly, with the wife so impressed and me obviously so happy, you can be sure we'll be keeping in touch.. a lot.. ;)


Thanks again, with warm regards.


Pang and wife.

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