Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Peter Pan Got Married?

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Here ye, here ye! Peter Pan, The Boy Who Won't Grow Up, has, in fact, grown up a little bit. Dude got hitched!

Well, actually, Randy Constan got married, and while you may not recognize his name, the guy sure is famous around these cubicles for his legendary presence on the Internet, thanks to his Peter Pan-centric (and that's putting it mildly) site, Pixyland.



The bride and groom held a medieval-themed wedding at Fiddleworth Chapel on ye old fairgrounds of Tampa, Florida's Bay Area Renaissance Fair (or "B.A.R.F."). Costumed as Pan and Tink, "Sire Randy" and "Princess Dorothy," the happy couple exchanged vows in front of other beautiful eccentrics, cross-dressers, and super-duper geniuses (or, in their own words, "friends and fair-ees").


The ceremony was officiated by King Henry VIII. The self-proclaimed "fairy princess" and "pixie boi" exchanged vows with lyrics from a Led Zeppelin song, and then pinky swears. "A pinky swear, after all," writes the bridegroom, "is unconditionally forever, and something not done unless one really means it!"


Best wishes to the happy couple! Yours is one courtship that was definitely written in diamonds in the stars!


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