Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Couple Weds While Covered in Bees

After swarming an airplane in Massachusetts and terrorizing clerks at a video game store in New York, bees have once again grabbed the spotlight by serving as wedding attire for a lucky couple from China.

Li Wenhua and Yan Hongxia, who've been keeping bees for over 25 years, decided to invite several thousand of their insect pals to serve as bridesmaids and groomsmen during their wedding ceremony in Ning'an City. They attracted them by planting queen bees on their clothing and waiting for the swarms to arrive.

"It was an amazing feeling to have a carpet of living bees moving over my body," Yan said. "I could feel them as they moved around. It was amazing. I have always loved bees but this was a totally new experience."

Luckily, no flower girls were present although their was some buzz about wedding rings.

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