Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sarcar Carrousel Watch

Here is a taste of extreme luxury with the Sarcar Carrousel. The name refers to the large diamonds placed in the dial that freely move around the circular path around the watch face - a similar concept to what you find in the free floating diamonds in Chopard Happy Sport watches. The difference is really in the size of the diamonds. The Carrousel has 12 half carat diamonds set in gold, which rotate freely against a mother-of-pearl backdrop, not to mention the many other diamonds that decorate the dial and 18k white gold (or red gold) 40mm wide case. There are a total of 13.21 diamonds on the watch - 399 of them.

The watch dial itself is small, but visible and powered but an automatic mechanical movement. Nice contrast with the black hands against the diamond dial. The crown is off-centered a bit and fitted with a nice diamond cabochon. Strap is crocodile with a gold folding clasp. At 40m wide, the watch is probably sized for a man, but suitable for a woman. Anyone lucky enough to brandish a decadent number like this should at least wear it once in a while. A luxury watch truly of the excess and fortune ilk. The materialistic personification of "if you got it, flaunt it." Prices at $300,000 each. Want one? Call (954) 600-9492 or e-mail info@crossbowintl.com.

Ariel Adams publishes the luxury watch review site aBlogtoRead.com.

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