Tuesday, November 17, 2009

McTeigue & McClelland Designs Necklace to Help Afghan Children

A diamond necklace may be the key to a child's future in war-torn Afghanistan.

Indeed, McTeigue & McClelland, a New York-based jeweler with roots dating back to 1895, has designed a necklace, called "The Ariana Necklace," with all of the proceeds donated to the Rebuilding Afghanistan Foundation. The foundation is a U.S.-based 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to bringing education to Afghan children by building schools and developing educational programs in Afghanistan. The proceeds from each necklace will provide enough funds to educate three Afghan children for one year at the foundation's Mayor Elementary School in the province of Wardak, Afghanistan.

The butterfly design was inspired by the Micropsyche Ariana species, which is the smallest butterfly in the world. The butterfly is unique to Afghanistan while its name translates to "tiny souls of Afghanistan." The necklace measures 1.5" in length and 1" in width and comes with an 18" sterling silver chain.

McTeigue & McClelland handcrafted the necklace in sterling silver. It will retail for $250 and is available by placing an order at http://www.rebuildafghanistan.org. The necklace is available for a limited time only.

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