Monday, November 16, 2009

Wanna Marry That Man? Put a Ring on It!

There are manties (men's panties), mantrums (tantrum thrown by a man) and now behold the man-gagement ring.

A man-gagement ring is the male version of an engagement ring, given to a man by his girlfriend upon engagement.

The newest trend in men's jewelry (manwelry?... please, no.) reports the New York Daily News from is said to be a way to level the playing field, if you will, once a couple is engaged. The engaged woman is clearly marked as such, typically, with a sparkling piece of jewelry affixed to her left hand ring finger, announcing that she is no longer available. But what of the man? As the piece points out, he can be engaged, but walks into a bar "a free man." Meaning, there is no visible sign of his impending betrothal.

One must wonder if it is only the jewelry keeping him from acting on his supposed "free man" status, perhaps more than a ring is in order.

But as reported by, 45 percent of women are in favor of the idea, while 55 percent thought no man bling, no problem.

Well, maybe the man jewelry phenomenon is cool. Or, maybe it's one more thing that makes you want to tell these couples, stop focusing on the wedding ring and think more about the marriage.

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