Friday, November 13, 2009

Conflict Diamonds: News and Updates via


Unlike other retailers who stop at conflict-free, Whiteflash seeks to address the real problem, the people suffering in Africa. “These people are among the world’s poorest. Diamonds are vital to their economic stability. We must stop the exploitation by those in charge, not boycott innocent people into further poverty.”

Though dramatically reduced in recent years, hot spots of conflict and suffering remain in Africa. Whiteflash initiated the Dreams of Africa program as a way for shoppers to be proactive. You can visit the website at


Whiteflash and Dreams of Africa have dedicated to publish the most recent news on Conflict Diamonds for the public. Here are’s top stories:



Firm to Mine Marange, Zim Agrees to Monitoring Scheme


Diamonds From Cote d’Ivoire Fund Hezbollah


TRADE ALERT: Rapaport Bans Zimbabwe Diamonds


UN Distributes Voter Lists in Cote d’Ivoire for Upcoming Election


U.S. Dpt. of State Issues Statement on Zimbabwe


Kimberly Process Chair Defends Recent Decision Not to Suspend Zimbabwe


Conflict Diamonds’ Deadly Toll


Prosecutors Look Forward to Questioning Taylor


Human Rights Groups Blast KP for Failure to Suspend Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe Spared by KP


Investigative TV Program Documents Zimbabwe Smuggling Operations


Israel: We Do Not Trade Rough with Non-KP Members


WDC President: KP Needs to End Sterile Debate, Tackle Humanitarian Issue


Final KP Review Mission Report Calls Zimbabwe to Suspend Self from KP


Africa’s Diamond Trade Under Scrutiny


Minister says Zimbabwe has Complied with Kimberley Process


Structure, Order Will Come With a Panama Diamond Exchange

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