Monday, November 02, 2009

New Reasons for Mens Diamond Rings

It once was that if a woman wanted to get married, even if she had been in a relationship for a very long time she was expected to wait until he got around to proposing to her. A revolution is taking place, and every day more men are now being given Men’s Diamond Rings as engagement rings. Now growing numbers of ladies are opting to pop the question themselves, and Mens Diamond Rings are very good rings for this contemporary gesture. Even if he asks, it’s becoming more common for the couple to declare their status equally and allow the man to share in receiving gifts. While men’s engagement rings are becoming more commonly seen, many men are still not aware of the trend and may initially resist the idea of wearing or even accepting men’s diamond rings as engagement rings. The best way to approach the concept of his wearing a ring is to talk about it as a couple, look over options in men’s diamond rings and other men’s ring styles, and determine if one partner should expect or be expected to wear an engagement ring if the other does not. If he does decide to wear a men’s diamond ring, the couple can choose one together after talking it over in order to find the optimal ring choice. Men’s rings do not have large, high set diamonds in fancy bands like rings for ladies. They also usually have their smaller gems set into channel settings or tension settings more flat or flush with the band itself, which is more subtle and makes the diamonds more secure (since men are prone to damage fragile items during work, home repairs, sports, and so on.) Channel set diamonds are less likely to be damaged or knocked out and thus much more practical for men’s diamond rings, and their recessed placement and squared edges are more subtle and make men’s jewelry that are more masculine.

A woman can also have the inside of the mans rings engraved with a loving phrase, calendar date, initials, or some other nod to the unique and deep bond between the couple without making too flashy or busy of a ring. Of course plain gold rings or rings made from other metals are completely acceptable, but the tradition of diamond engagement rings is simply here to stay, and men’s diamond rings are made in several elegant, tasteful styles that aren’t overt. If a man really takes issue with the idea of an engagement ring, he can simply start wearing his Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings early, or another type of gift can and should be given for engagement.

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Anonymous Novell wedding bands said...

Don't forget to research the popular metals that are available for wedding bands and jewelry in general - platinum, palladium, gold, tungsten and titanium - before you make a purchase. After all, the jewelry industry's best customer is an educated one.

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