Thursday, November 12, 2009

Century Grace Diamond & Sapphire Watch


Just when you thought there weren't any new designs for diamond watch, Century has gone and found something unique. The company known for unique uses of synthetic sapphire crystals has done it again. It combines 341 diamonds with 9 large clear sapphire crystals, and places them together in 18k carat white gold settings. A perfect gifts for that special someone in your life who transcends concepts like value and money.

Even the dial of the watch is mostly a sapphire crystal. Cut and polished by hand complimented by 164 baguette cut diamonds (4.98 carats) on the case. The dial itself is mirrored with dauphine watch hands. Inside the watch is a quartz movement (of course). Again it is in 18k white gold, with the other eight sapphire crystals surrounded by 177 more baguette cut diamonds (approx 8.70 carats).

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