Monday, November 09, 2009

Couple Discovers Wedding Cake is Fake!

 A bride and groom were shocked to discover that their wedding cake was actually fake!

The Daily Mail reports that Aimee and Tony West were cutting into their three-tier sponge cake when they realized they were cutting into polystyrene, a foam material.

"It was a terrible shock -- I felt so embarrassed in front of our family and friends," Aimee said. "It was a lovely occasion and the ceremony was going to be the icing on the cake -- only there was no cake."

The cake maker, Creative Cakes, said the incident occurred as a result of a mix-up. Karen Williams who runs Creative Cakes said that Aimee didn't confirm her order a week before the wedding like she was supposed to.

"By the time Aimee contacted me, it was too late to make a proper cake," Williams said. "I explained I would be delivering an artificial cake -- they are quite common at weddings these days. I offered them a refund so there was no reason to take me to small claims court."

But the Wests did take Creative Cakes to court and were awarded 310 British pounds ($514) in compensation.

Having a fake cake at weddings isn't uncommon. Many companies actually makes display cakes of foam with one section that's edible, so couples can still cut into it and "feed each other." Guests at the wedding are then served sheet cake that's cut in the kitchen. Well maybe with the extra money this couple can upgrade the brides wedding band!

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