Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Willy Wonka Themed Wedding

Oompa Loompas at anyone else's wedding might be cause for alarm, but Deleece Hall and Rod Smith aren't worried -- the couple invited them.

After all, what would Willy Wonka's factory be without Oompa Loompas?

The pair didn't have to win a golden ticket to visit the factory. All they had to do was exchange wedding rings Saturday.

As a young girl the bride to be always dreamed of a candy wedding, based off Willy Wonka.

"Then it was just a matter of finding a guy that would go along with it," Wendy said.

With his expertise and the helping hands of family members, the custom candy wonderland was built from scratch in two months. However, pulling the varying visions together into a cohesive reality was more difficult than expected, Wendy said, even though she is an experienced party planner.

It took about $700 worth of candy, but the wedding had a chocolate river, lickable wallpaper, cotton candy trees, a candy forest, invention room, gobstoppers, golden-egg-laying goose and other Wonka inventions.

Even the corsages, boutonnieres and bouquets were made of candy and the groom has a purple, Wonka-style top hat.

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