Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boucheron Chameleon Ronde Seconde Folle Watch

This is the first of three new women's Bestiary Ronde collection watches from Boucheron. Each is absolutely delightful. I am going to save the best for last, but each is quite well done. Each model comes in two varieties with more or less decoration. As you can see our chameleon friend can be had in plain sight or partially hidden behind foliage across the two models. The Ronde watches start with the GP 4000 automatic movement that is specially made by Girard Perregaux for Boucheron. The movement removes the traditional seconds hand instead placing a revolving disc at 7 o'clock. On this model, the disc has a small fly that moves around each minute eluding the chameleon's sticky tongue.

The cases are made in gray gold and are 42mm wide. A whole spectrum of jewels is utilized in creating the various colors of the reptile on both models, with the first model also enjoying a rich assortment of diamonds on the bezel and lugs. The collection is extremely whimsical. Boucheron itself calls the seconds disc "crazy seconds" and admits to the collection being quite tongue in cheek. For the right woman, these are the types of watches will produce a consistent smile all the time. Now when are they going to make men's watches like this?

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