Monday, June 08, 2009

Sheetal Mafatlal held for carrying undisclosed jewelery



Sheetal Mafatlal, President of Mafatlal Luxury Private, which introduced numerous upscale western brands of the likes of Valentino to the Indian luxury market, was arrested at Mumbai Airport for allegedly carrying undisclosed jewelry worth over approx. US $105,000, and several high-end accessories. This stunning diva is reportedly a victim of Mafatlal’s old family feud which revolves around property disputes between the couple and the family. The Customs team admitted they had been tipped off about Sheetal’s arrival on the British Airways flight from London from within the family. Mumbai Mirror reports, “On Saturday night, Sheetal landed at 10 pm and sailed past the green channel saying she had nothing to declare. But since the officers had been tipped off they insisted on checking her bags and found a staggering amount of diamond jewelry and other high-end accessories in her baggage.”


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