Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Follow These Steps When Shooping For Engagement Rings


Never make a hurried purchasing of jewelry like engagement rings. Diamonds and settings are the features of the jewelry that demand special attention. The more time you spend the wiser will be the purchasing. After all, the ring is not a usual buy.

How much to spend

Before you set foot in a jewelry shop, your mind must be clear on the amount. A causal amount will lead you to a confused buying. You may end up paying too much. The benefit of having a budget is that it restricts you to a price range.

With a budget, you will clearly tell the jeweler about the price range. You will avoid unnecessary confusion created by highly expensive engagement rings that you will never buy. Or, if you can buy, then you will be shown those ones only.

Spare an amount equivalent to two-three months salary. Most of the rings are priced within these salary amounts. However, consider what you earn to arrive at a more accurate budgeting.

Her lifestyle

It would be better if the bride accompanies you to the shop. She is the judge of the engagement rings and knows her choice more than you. If she can not accompany, than get the hints of her choice by the jewelry she regularly wears.

Make sure that the ring jewelry is up to her life style. For a working woman, the setting of diamond will be more protective. For a relaxed woman, the setting may be more elaborative and different.

Prong, pave, channel, tension, bezel are some of the settings that you can choose. Or, you can go for traditional rings like vintage engagement rings if she likes them.

Diamond quality

While inspecting the pre-set diamond or buying a loose diamond, ensure that it comes with a lab certificate. The lab should be reputed one. Have an extensive discussion with the jeweler over the quality. Make sure that it is not a fake diamond like Cubic Zirconia, if you are not buying it.

Diamond quality is judged on 4 Cs of color, clarity, cut and carat. This does not mean that you buy high quality stone for engagement rings. What it means is that you pay as per the quality. So, ensure that you pay the right price for a yellowish diamond having some invisible flaws in it. Its certificate will clearly mention the quality parameters.

Online searching

In the last, we advise you to prefer online shopping over the physical stores. Online retail jewelers are known for competitive prices due to tough competition. You can buy loose diamonds at lower costs as compared to the physical shops. Compare many jewelry websites for their prices and varieties of rings. A great online retailer is Whiteflash.com, they have a plethora of diamond information and gorgeous jewelry.

Thus, you should take some necessary steps to ensure that you buy the engagement rings in a better way within your buying capability.

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