Friday, May 22, 2009

Platinum Micropave Earrings Shine Like Diamonds In Recession


With constant talks of bankruptcies and bailouts, exotic high-end jewelry is usually not on everyone’s mind. Celebrities and hip hop stars on the other hand are still hitting the red carpet strong with iced out jewelry from their earlobes on down. With the introduction of Platinum micropave earrings, now any one can get that high end, realistic diamond look during both prosperous and tough times. They are the perfect balance of price, quality and elegance.


For many years, men’s earrings were a small category in both fashion and fine jewelry. Many men simply wore unisex diamond studs set in sterling silver, gold or platinum. Kite and square shaped diamond paved earrings are the latest trend in hip hop and Hollywood alike. Now they are available for the first time in more affordable materials. A select handful of specialty jewelers have began offering the same quality, craftsmanship and brilliant shine made with white gold and colored gemstones.


These platinum micropave earrings offer consumers a true alternative to overpriced high end jewelry. These earrings are available in many popular styles and some unique and rare custom designs as well. Stones are available in the usual brilliant white as well as exotic colors such as blue, canary yellow and even black.


Leading online retailer has released a full collection of micropave earrings. For more information about micropave settings and platinum earring, please visit


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