Monday, June 06, 2011

8 Reasons But You Really Only Need One...



Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,


I will try to keep this short and brief. WF was wonderful. Below are all the reasons to shop with WhiteFlash

1) Selection - Have a lot of In-House (ACA, ES, PS) loose diamonds you can choose from. They also have Virtual Selection diamonds that you can ship to WF for them to analyze

2) Information - They have ASET and Idealscope images for all their diamonds so you can tell how well the diamond performs in terms of light return. Even if the certificate (AGS, GIA) states that its Excellent, their may still be light leakage. Its BEST to always get images taken before you make one of the largest purchase of your life.

3) No Drop Ship for Virtual Selection Diamonds- Unlike Blue Nile, they actually have the stone brought in and analyzed by their gemologist.

4) See Diamond Before You Buy - Unlike Blue Nile, you can actually go to Houston and see your diamond (and compare to their In House Diamond) before you buy

5) Price - Very reasonably for fine jewelry. Actually, one of the lowest for what you are getting (about 30% cheaper then B&M and 60% cheaper then Tiffany for the same/superior quality)

6) Tax Free - if shipped out of Texas

7) Lifetime Buy-up/ One Year Buyback policy

8) Customer Service - Great customer service and a pleasure to work with. 

Thank you,



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