Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Fairy Tale Story Proposal with Whiteflash.com

Dear Whiteflash Sales Team,

I had everything planned out I just did not know when I was going to propose.  We were planning to go to a local Christmas parade where I was going to propose. About an hour or so before the parade I gave her box that I had made from scratch out of oak.  The box did have a lock on it.  So she of course asked where the key was.  I told her maybe she could open it later but she would have to find the key first. I then gave here a book and told her the key to the box was inside this book. 


As you can see from the pictures I had taken an old book that I bought from the bookstore.  I glued half of the book together, then cut a hole out which held the key.  So she proceeded to open the book up and find the key hidden inside.  She then opened the oak box and inside the box was a scrapbook that I had made which was basically full of pictures of our first 6 months of dating.  As she was looking at the book I went to grab my camera and of coarse the camera was dead so I did not get any pictures!! Anyways at the end of this scrapbook I had taken all the pictures that Whiteflash had given me of the engagement ring, diamond, and the engraving,  I made a collage of this and put it at the very end of the scrapbook.  So at this point she was seeing pictures of her own ring so she knew what was coming.  At this point she was smiling from ear to ear.  So now I proceed to give her another book that I had cut a hole in.  I knew she would be thinking the ring was in there.  But this book had the Akoya Pearl and Diamond Earrings in it. 

So she was kind of like WOW earrings that’s not what I expected.  So finally I give here the book back that had the key in it.  She never knew that the ring was right there with the key the whole time.  She looked through the book several times and could not find the ring.  Finally she rubbed her hand across the page and felt the ring recessed under the page.  So she took here finger nail and dug out the ring and we are now happily engaged and getting married outside on June 19th!!!!!! 

She has absolutely loved the diamond ring and her friends have told her many times she has the nicest engagement ring.  Still to this day she is getting lots of positive comments on it. Hopefully this story makes sense as I kind of got to rambling on.  Hopefully the pictures will help.  There are so many details I am sure I left something out.  Thanks again for all your help in finding the perfect diamond....

Thank you!


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