Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fashion Trends 2010: Jewelry is Going Green


The year 2009 is almost upon us and as with every year, a new day brings a new fashion trend. Jewelry is going green this year and natural material will top the list of must haves. Conflict Free Diamonds and green materials will reign on the top of the jewelry list and wearing them will be all about drowning yourself in accessories.

The 2010 fashion trend for jewelry offers a sort of celebration for Mother Earth and this celebration is nothing less than huge. Large socially conscious jewelry pieces created from natural materials will don the necks, wrists and maybe even the waists of some of the most fashion forward people in the world. The point is to look smaller than your jewelry and 2010 fashion trend jewelry offers just that effect.

Gems are also moving toward the natural and thus the wild. The worldly nature of gem jewelry tends to focus more this year on bringing the 2009 fashion trend for jewelry out of America and into the world market. Traditional African styles are on the top of this list, on of the most popular is the Dreams of Africa ® Diamond Pendant by Whiteflash. Another bonus to purchasing jewelry items from Whiteflash.com can be found in their charity focused sub lines, Dreams of Africa and AWEAR: Jewelry for Conscious Kids.  What is so unbelievably unique about these lines is that a substantial portion of the proceeds from sales, 100% profit from Dreams of Africa and 25% from AWEAR items, goes to support children in nations hit hard by the blood diamond trade.  Gifting with a cause is another powerful trend that stretches hard earned dollars way beyond their face value.  In a time when conscious spending is paramount, this perk makes you feel good about spending.


This holiday season Whiteflash is beginning an initiative to educate consumers about conflict diamonds and how to purchase socially conscious gifts for your loved ones this holiday. Whiteflash.com introduces “Green Love” this holiday season. As an online e-tailor we know that it is all about your peace of mind and your wallet. Right now if you order any Whiteflash conflict free diamond during the period of November 29th to January 25th you will be automatically entered to win your choice of Mini Dreams of Africa pendant or Dreams of Africa ® earrings made with Whiteflash A Cut Above ® melee diamonds in your choice of white or yellow gold. Two lucky winners will be selected.

For the younger crowd, charms and brilliant gems are still on top of the list. These all time favorites do not seem to be moving from the top for a long time in the future, either. It seems the younger generation has found something it likes in fashion jewelry trends and plans on sticking with it.

Ladies, 2010 is the year of our Mother Earth and the celebration will be large. The time has come to throw out those large silver hoops, leave the chain belts behind and scrap the layered metal necklaces. This year wearing natural materials such green jewelry and conflict free diamonds are what the in crowd will be wearing.

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