Monday, November 30, 2009

Lean Financial Times Gives Boost To Purchase of Higher Quality Goods For Holidays

According to a recent poll by the National Retail Federation, “53% of Americans say they will be spending less money this Holiday season.”  Being in the throws of such challenging economic times, it’s hard to fathom that people are even thinking of shopping for the upcoming Holiday. Well think again! As the great musician Kerry King said, “The show must go on”— and so it will, just a little more fine tuned. This upcoming Holiday people are not totally swearing off of buying gifts for loved ones, but they are shopping with a strategy and are being more discriminating with their purchases. Quality over quantity and less is more will be the mantras controlling consumer’s wallets spelling good news for fine jewelry retailers.


Jean Chatzky, financial editor for NBC's Today show, reported a key shopping trend during an October 21 appearance on NBC’s Today show. Chatzky stated that “Consumers will cut back on the overall number of

gifts they buy but, will probably buy a higher quality gift for each person.” She also went on to make the point that consumers need to have a game plan and a budget in mind when shopping.  Feeding off of this trend means encouraging sales forecasts for retailers of fine jewelry due to the lasting and personal sentiments attached to such gifts. 


In a sea of choices, where does one get the best bang for their buck when looking for quality “bling” on a shoestring? According to the online internet research website, “This year online holiday sales(excluding travel) will total 32.1 billion, up 10.1% over 2007 and 49% of holiday gift spending among US Internet users will occur online, compared with 44% in stores.” 


One such online resource, a premier online diamond jewelry retailer, offers a plethora of items that put the personal touch back in gifting.  Delivering unique and affordable gifts for any budget, this site is known for its impeccable service and high quality goods.  Another bonus to purchasing jewelry items here can be found in their charity focused sub lines, Dreams of Africa and AWEAR: Jewelry for Conscious Kids.  What is so unbelievably unique about these lines is that a substantial portion of the proceeds from sales, 100% profit from Dreams of Africa and 25% from AWEAR items, goes to support children in nations hit hard by the blood diamond trade.  Gifting with a cause is another powerful trend that stretches hard earned dollars way beyond their face value.  In a time when conscious spending is paramount, this perk makes you feel good about spending.


So regardless of your budget this Holiday, make your dollars count and remember that the most gratifying part of giving is the sentiment behind the gift.

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