Friday, October 30, 2009

What You Need to Know About Titanium

Titanium has recently become the standard of choice in men's jewelry. Traditionally silver, gold and platinum have been the "go to" metals but silently titanium has established itself as a formidable rival, showing up in everything from cuff links to rings and even money clips. So the question is, why buy titanium jewelry?

There are a few reasons. So I spoke with Debi Wexler, one of the experts over at to get the scoop on this mysterious metal. Here's what she told me:

Titanium is a light grayish colored metal that's strong like steel, but feels like aluminum. It's strength lets it hold up well to wear and tear, while still being incredibly lightweight, and is highly resistant to corrosion and scratching... perfect for us guys that tend to be a little rough on on our stuff. (But keep in mind it is not indestructible.)

Titanium is also used in a number of industries including the military, aerospace and sporting goods, more proof of its strength.

Another alternative is Tungsten. Tungsten is a very heavy and hard metal for its size (it's 4 times harder than titanium), but it can scratch easily. But tungsten will hold its shine and shape longer than any other jewelry available on the market.

A downfall of both of these metals is that because they are so strong they can NOT be re-sized, so if you're buying a ring, you have to make sure you get your exact finger size before you buy.

In comparison to gold and platinum, titanium and tungsten are more cost effective. You can purchase several titanium or tungsten rings for the price of one gold or platinum ring.

Both tungsten and titanium are strong metals, but how would each react if you slammed your finger in a door? The titanium would bend and the tungsten could possibly crack. A tungsten ring would be safer for your finger.

Both metals have their own pros and cons but it is ultimately a decision made by you, depending on your preference. But whatever you buy, it'll last a long, long time.

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