Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogger Spotlight: Iva Messy


Recently a great blogger Iva Messy decided to feature our charity line Dreams of Africa on her blog. She has an amazing insight an love for writing an I recommend to go check out her blog for a good read! Here is a recap of what she has to say about our efforts!


"Dreams of Africa was set up by Whiteflash as a way of helping the African victims of 'blood diamonds'. With the introduction of the Awear range of jewelry for kids, young people can show the world that Love and Hope is alive and well. Worn near the heart, the pendant will touch the hearts of all who share our dreams of Africa. Whiteflash commissioned the design of this pendant to give expression to the desire to help heal the broken lives of the victims of blood diamonds. The sparkling conflict-free diamonds symbolize innocence, the sapphires stand for truth. The center stone is mother Africa and the spirals portray awareness as it spreads out to the world we all share."


I try to always be exceptionally contentious of all my purchases. Actively trying to always be part of the change.

The Kimberley Process, is to be greatly applauded as the 'blood diamond' trade has been reduced by 95%, still areas of conflict remain.

We want to applaud Iva for helping raise the issue of conflict free diamonds to the blogosphere! Thank you!

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