Monday, December 28, 2009

Diamond Flower Jewelry: 2010's Must Have Item!

Flowers are a classic symbol of more than one positive quality: beauty, delicacy, and love. For both delicacy and beauty, women are particularly fond of jewelry with floral patterns and designs. Diamond flower earrings meet the aesthetic needs of women’s jewelry and are very popular among users of all age categories.

These earrings consist of a precious metal setting, usually gold, in the shape of a flower whose petals are fittings of a number of small diamonds. In some designs, only the nucleus of the flower carries a diamond while the petals are made of the constituent metal.

In jewelry, diamond flower settings display an impressive variety that is not seen in many other types of earrings. They are crafted stylishly in nearly all precious metals, more popular being yellow gold, whit gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Individual pairs of flower jewelry display numerous combinations of diamonds with other precious stones of attractive colors like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds etc.

Gold is the primary choice of most jewelry lovers and this is true in case of diamond flower jewelry as well. Depending on your choice of profile, platinum is usually chosen as a high-profile metal while sterling silver is picked for a lower profile. Both metals are however considered fashionable to wear with this flower style.

What makes some jewelry special is their fashionable use on many occasions, matching well the demand for stylish presentation. With diamond flower styled jewelry, style covers great grounds as the settings come with many different fasteners and backings, complementing the variety of flower shapes. It is important to note that style does not represent an exact imitation of natural flower shapes, but it blends creative imagination with observation and produces unique designs that may represent your mood and spirits.

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