Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sultry Florals with Whiteflash.com

Beyond the cliché patterning on wallpaper and bedding, floral ornamentation has been appearing in runway shows earlier this year, ushering a subtle but very apparent comeback for the summer of 2009. 


For men who don't quite sport florals, fashion stylist and Damstyle principal David A. Mcknight says:


If you're not quite ready to embrace the "flower power" look, here are some tips I've given to clients that I've styled who wanted to upgrade their personal style by incorporating the new floral trend:


• Stick with muted colors are darker or muted tones appear safe, and for men this can mean more masculine. Also, look for patterns that have only 2-3 colors.


• The easiest place to incorporate a floral pattern into a wardrobe is with the tie. The ties is an important accessory to a suit and it can send the message that you are confident and comfortable with who you are.


• If you are creating a custom suit, select a floral lining for the jacket. For most men they absolutely love the idea because they can maintain that conservative banker look, but have a little secret inside their jackets.



Transcending the wardrobe, floral motifs have been making splashes in the accessory and jewelry industry.


Whiteflash.com is an on-line diamond boutique offering the selective buyer (a celebrity favorite) choices that exceed the expected standards in craftsmanship and performance.



Eco-Chic jewelry designer, Todd Reed is another noteworthy name to keep in mind. For his jewelry, Reed only uses recycled, gold and purchases antique diamonds, bearing no environmental impact whatsoever. This grants the wearer a distinguished, less processed aesthetic and green aesthetic. 



Yogendra Sethi is an innovative painter and jewelry artist. Using a palette of natural fancy color diamonds, precious gemstones and 18K white, yellows, pinks and golds, Yogendra crafts a breathtaking display of nature in his handcrafted work.


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