Monday, June 29, 2009

How to Obtain a Fabulous Green Wedding!

Why “go green” on your special day?

Green weddings are believed to influence the bride and groom's future lifestyle. The trend of going green is on the rise although statistics are hard to find. Of the 2.5 million weddings that take occur each year a small percentage have considered going green by purchasing conflict free diamonds for their wedding and engagement rings.

Jewelers can now provide Kimberly certificates as proof of a “clean” diamond which they can declare as conflict free, The Kimberly process – created in 2003 – is a voluntary, self-regulated system that established standards for certifying diamonds. A diamond with a Kimberly certificate guarantees that sales of that diamond did not go to finance the civil war.

You can also feel good knowing that 100% of Whiteflash Dreams of Africa collection profits go to communities impacted by jewelry trade (WCCCI).

Some initial questions to ask a jeweler regarding conflict diamonds are…

-What is your company’s definition of conflict jewelry?

-What are you company’s conflict diamond policies?

-Can you provide official certification from an established grading lab?

-Where do you source your diamonds from?


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